Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's been a long day

I did something today I don't normally get to do. I left the little one with a baby sitter and went to get my hair done! This meant that I would be gone from her for about 5 hours. She nursed a lot this morning and then took a good nap. She slept right up until it was time to go. I didn't nurse her until we got home tonight around 8:30! She was totally fine with playing all day and didn't have a hard time. I enjoyed myself and got some much-needed "me time". It was truly a win/win situation if I ever saw one!

Back when she was a newborn, I knew there would be days like this, that I would get a break but back then, I couldn't really see it. When you are in the immediate newborn/post-partum fog you can't see your way out. Everything looks overwhelming and you don't really think that there will come a day when you can go longer than 3 hours without nursing. But, that day does come! Don't get me wrong, I am loving nursing still but it's also nice to have the tiniest of breaks every now and again.

Let me tell you though... after a day of seperation, it was so very nice to snuggle into bed with her and feel her close and get to nurse her until she drifted peacefully off to sleep. There's no better way to end a busy and hectic day than like that, for me anyway.

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Jen said...

I'm so glad you got a day to yourself, and that you were able to really enjoy it!

You're so right about the postpartum fog, too - we're just now getting to the point where I feel like I can take small trips away from home sans baby. I remember a time not too long ago when I thought that would never happen again!