Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Twiddler

My daughter, who is almost 17 months now, loves to twiddle when she nurses. Wondering what twiddling is? Check this out: Twiddling If I don't automatically undo both sides of the nursing tank, she will weasel her fingers in there to get at her goal. She takes such sweet joy in it. Some kids have a 'blankie', some have a 'lovie', she has her twiddling.

In a time when she is growing and maturing so quickly and is on the run constantly, nursing has become my break. It's my chance to sit down and snuggle with my little baby. It's nearly the only time she will snuggle in close and stay there for any length of time. I understand why, her life is fun and she has amazing new things to learn everyday. But, it's nice to know that she knows she always has me to come running to. She can nurse and get re-centered and then go back to her play. I can't imagine not having this time with her.

Weaning anytime soon? Nope.


My earthy momma odyssey said...

Talia is a twiddler too and it drives me nuts.

Shana said...

Especially when her nails need clipping! Ouch.