Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's official... we are nightweaned

I recently went to a La Leche League conference in Hutchinson, KS. It was a fabulous experience and the best part is that I got to go all by myself. My oldest had a birthday party to attend and my husband volunteered to stay with the kids. "Go on honey, you have a good time. We'll be fine." he said. So, that's what I did. I took my trusty Harmony hand pump and some storage bags and off I went.

He said the first night was rough. I guess she was up for a couple hours. But, the next night was better and she slept all night. The following night, I was back home and she slept all night then too! Now, it hasn't all been smooth sailing, she still wakes in the night but is just fine with a pat on the back and some reassuring words and she drifts back off to sleep. I haven't nursed her at night since before I left. She has of course, picked up her daytime nursing, which is fine! I don't intend to wean her completely but I needed something to change at night. I was miserable and that didn't make me the most patient mommy.

The whole purpose of nighttime parenting is for everyone to get the best sleep possible and that's what we have achieved for now. :D